Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software for sending bulk WhatsApp messages.

Many Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software has been making rounds in the market ever since the widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing. And that trend is not about to slow down any time soon as more and more merchants (business owners, marketers and professionals) are taking advantage of using this software for the marketing of their various businesses to their respective clients and prospect clients.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender is a bulk whatsapp messenger or whatsapp bulk sender that enables user to send text, image, video, audio and vCard messages to Whatsapp registered users automatically by using bulk WhatsApp channels or WhatsApp Senders.

The current market setting demands that we keep up with the changes of time otherwise we will be defeated by our competitors. To stay on top of our game, we need to always be in tune with the latest marketing strategy that works.

We’ve already established Whatsapp as a formidable marketing tool because of its wide variety of advantages as compared to other text messaging apps in existence. To recall, Whatsapp allows us to send not only text messages but also video messages, audio messages, and even Vcard which enables us to better communicate our marketing concept to our clients and prospects.

With approximately 900 million active users as of September 2015, Whatsapp is indeed a landmine of prospects to every aspiring businessman or professional who wished to tap on them. It would be such a shame to overlook this glaring opportunity to improve client database, don’t you agree?

As what we have previously mentioned, we need two components of Whatsapp Marketing before we could run an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign. These two components are Whatsapp Marketing software and Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders.

Two requirements before running Whatsapp Marketing in a business:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing software
    This is the Whatsapp Marketing solution or tool that will allow you to send Whatsapp messages with text, audio, image, video, etc. to other Whatsapp users in wherever part of the world. Using this tool will also afford you other functionalities like filter numbers, editing Whatsapp Channel profile, importing Whatsapp numbers and many more. Bulk Whatsapp Sender if a type of Whatsapp Marketing Software.
  2. Whatsapp Channels
    These are pre-activated Whatsapp numbers used to send messages to other Whatsapp users. Whatsapp Channels, also known as Whatsapp senders also perform other WhatsApp automation activities from the first component (Whatsapp marketing software) such as receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list, and many others. These Whatsapp numbers are registered online through a Whatsapp registration tool that generates a combination of phone number; Whatsapp generated code and security code.

For the purposes of this article, we would give focus on the first component: Whatsapp Marketing software.

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As what we have previously mentioned, Bulk Whatsapp Sender is a bulk whatsapp messenger or whatsapp bulk sender that enables user to send text, image, video, audio and vCard messages to Whatsapp registered users automatically using bulk WhatsApp channels or WhatsApp Senders.

Why choose Bulk Whatsapp Sender as the Whatsapp Marketing solution for your business over other Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software available in the market out there?

Let me tell you something…

Many people work on their marriage after they have said, “I do”. They go to counseling, seminar and coaching way AFTER they were wed.

But I think they should work on it BEFORE they even get married.

How early? I think they should work on themselves BEFORE they even meet their one true love!

Wouldn’t it be more logical for people to come prepared for married life before they go through the ceremony? Wouldn’t it make more sense for couples to understand the possible problems they would encounter before they decide to “tie-the knot”? Would it be better for people to have a gauge on what marriage life is about before they actually become married people?

Now you might argue with the above given contention, saying no amount of counseling or seminar would ever prepare anybody for married life. But you have to agree to some degree that somehow, undergoing counseling or seminar before marriage could be beneficial for someone about to “get hitched”. Don’t you agree?

So many people try to find solutions AFTER they have encountered problems with their business. Just as wrong decisions made could lead to divorce in marriage, every wrong business decision made could lead to bankruptcy. Hired the wrong employee, trusted the wrong supplier and adopted the wrong Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software … These are business decisions that could break your company for good. It is really crucial for merchants to recognize the need for choosing the best Whatsapp Marketing Software and do away with the heartbreak of choosing the wrong ones all because of “experimentation” or even because other sources are cheaper than what we are offering. You don’t experiment with marriage; just as well as you don’t blindly experiment with business.

Many of the marketers of today are now actively using Bulk Whatsapp Sender to send out their various marketing campaigns and connect with the massive audience of Whatsapp. It is basic marketing rule that the more people you reach out, the greater chance that you will attract prospects. “The louder noise it create; the better for the business”. One thing that is constant in this era that we need to realize is that despite the technological advancements that we have achieved, the most basic form of marketing “word of mouth” still very much prevails. So being able to reach your message to as many users coupled with “word of mouth” will definitely improve your chances of creating more clientele.

Returning to the analogy I’ve mentioned earlier, you might be wondering what I’m getting at. I simply intend that you don’t have to commit the mistake of trying other Whatsapp Bulk Sender or Bulk Whatsapp messenger out there because you already have the best Bulk Whatsapp sender software for you. Why risk trying other solutions when you already have the best option available?

What are the features of Bulk Whatsapp Sender?

  • Add unlimited WhatsApp channels
    As with any Whatsapp Marketing Software available, Bulk Whatsapp Sender will allow you to add as many Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Sender as the user wish.
  • Generate series of phone numbers
    This software feature is capable of generating series of numbers which the user will then use for sending messages to other Whatsapp users around the globe.
  • Filter Active Numbers on WhatsApp
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender is equipped with the capacity to filter all active numbers of Whatsapp which eliminates unnecessary sending of messages to inactive Whatsapp users.
  • Receive incoming replies & reply instantly
    This software has the capability to receive incoming replies from other Whatsapp users and it also affords functionality to response to any or all of their queries. This will be a huge help in terms of establishing rapport with clients and prospects.
  • Check Last Seen Status on filtered active users
    This software allow users to determine how active a particular Whatsapp user is in terms of his “last seen” status which will be displayed next to the Whatsapp user’s name.
  • Send Text, Images, Video, Audio & vCard campaigns
    As what was afforded to all Whatsapp Users, Bulk Whatsapp Sender allow users to send messages with text, images, video, audio, Vcard or a combination of the foregoing to other Whatsapp users around the world.
  • Send Future Dated WhatsApp messages
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender allows users to send programmed messages to other Whatsapp users in any part of the world. This feature is especially beneficial to help bypass security check of Whatsapp thereby minimizing possibility of getting the Whatsapp Channel banned.
  • Complete control over your WhatsApp marketing campaigns in Options settings
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender allows user leeway in how to control the use of the software according to his or her preference.

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