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If you’re looking to buy Bulk Whatsapp Channels for your Whatsapp Marketing needs, check out our latest company offering!

We have revised our pricing for our clients who wished to buy Whatsapp Channels for their business.

Our Whatsapp Channels are of high quality and it is the perfect complement for your Bulk Whatsapp Marketing software.

Things you need to consider before buying any Bulk Whatsapp Channels from any Whatsapp Vendors:

If you are planning to buy Whatsapp channels or bulk Whatsapp channels to pair up with your Whatsapp marketing software, you need to read this. We will educate you on a number of important factors that you need to check first. This is important so you could avoid committing mistakes as many other merchants already did.

Our company

Since the start of Whatsapp Marketing, we have already committed to develop various high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. Such Whatsapp Marketing solutions are geared towards addressing the Whatsapp Marketing needs of merchants that will enable them to connect with their targeted audience better.

To do that, we do not only need to develop high quality products but also to render the best service for our clients. As a Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider, we feel that it is our duty to offer the best Whatsapp Marketing solutions for all of your Whatsapp Marketing needs.

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As previously mentioned, you need to learn a number of things if you are considering to buy Whatsapp Channels to pair up with your Whatsapp Blast Software before you can scale an awesome Whatsapp Marketing campaign to engage your audience.

To recap, you first need to know that there are two requirements before you can run a successful Whatsapp Marketing campaign. These are:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing software
  2. Whatsapp Channels

We have extensively discussed what a Whatsapp Marketing Software is through the number of articles we have previously furnished.

The tool that enables users to send multitude Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users around the world is called Whatsapp Marketing Software. This Whatsapp Marketing Solution is also packed with other features that will allow you functionality such as number filtering, uploading bulk Whatsapp Channels, changing of profile picture, and many others.

The next requirement is also known as Whatsapp Senders. Whatsapp channels are pre-activated and registered Whatsapp numbers which are used in order to send WhatsApp messages to other Whatsapp users located at wherever part of the world.

There are two types of Whatsapp channels available in the market: the protected Whatsapp Channels and the non-protected Whatsapp channels.

What’s the difference between protected Whatsapp channels and Unprotected Whatsapp Channels?

Protected Whatsapp Channels have higher quality than that of unprotected Whatsapp Channels generally because unprotected Whatsapp Channels are likely to be useless as they can be “stolen” or virtually generated (or copied) by other Whatsapp software such as Whatsapp Channel finder.

Benefits of having Protected WhatsApp Channels:

  • Protected WhatsApp channels are active for a longer period of time
  • Protected WhatsApp channels can’t be stolen using any WhatsApp channels finder software.
  • Protected WhatsApp channels cannot be duplicated by any Software.

If you are planning to buy Whatsapp Channels or buy Bulk Whatsapp Channels, deal with a WhatsApp channels provider or a vendor that will provide you with protected Whatsapp Channels.

Our company only offers protected Whatsapp Channels hence you can be assured that you can use them for longer periods of time. If you buy Bulk Whatsapp Channels from us, not only do you get high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but you also get to enjoy after sales support.

The following are the reasons why our company is the best Whatsapp channel vendor available:

  1. We offer protected Whatsapp Channels
    As enumerated earlier, protected Whatsapp Channels are better option to complement your Whatsapp Marketing Software in sending Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to your targeted audience. And even though our Bulk Whatsapp Channels are more costly than unprotected Whatsapp Channels being offered by other Whatsapp Marketing Solution Providers, our Bulk Whatsapp Channels are definitely better investments in the long run.
  2. All the Whatsapp Channels we are selling are generated with real SIM cards
    Real SIM cards almost eliminate the possibility of the Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp senders getting banned by Whatsapp. Virtual Whatsapp numbers such as those generated or copied by other Whatsapp software like Whatsapp Channel finder are easily prone to getting banned by Whatsapp.
  3. We guarantee replacement in case of defective Whatsapp Channels
    We offer guarantee that we will replace bulk Whatsapp Channels that are defective (eg. they register: LOGIN ERROR during log in attempt). Simply contact us and we will deliver fresh Bulk Whatsapp Channels for your Whatsapp Marketing messages.
  4. Whatsapp Channels are never resold to other merchants
    We don’t duplicate our Bulk Whatsapp Channels as each is generated by REAL SIM CARDS. Whatsapp has strict “blocking” system so any Whatsapp number that has a duplicate copy will surely be blocked or banned by Whatsapp.
  5. Fast Delivery
    If you decide to buy Whatsapp Channels or Bulk Whatsapp Channels from us, we guarantee that we will deliver your purchase as prompt as possible. We value your time so we make sure that we don’t waste it by taking our time delivering your purchase. As soon as payments are confirmed, you can be assured that the Bulk Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Channels will be delivered.
  6. We guarantee safety from theft and blocking
    Our company has a systematic way of ensuring that our Whatsapp Channels through our unique Channel Registration. We use a high-encrypted security which prevents anybody (even a member of our team) to have access over passwords or any other details which will put these Bulk Whatsapp Channels at risk of getting duplicated or stolen.
  7. We guarantee fast replacement of bad channels
    As direct correlation with number 5, we also promptly replace defective Whatsapp Channels. Just contact us and we will immediately arrange their delivery.
  8. We are known to be reputable and honest Whatsapp Channel provider or Vendor
    Since the rise of Whatsapp Marketing, we have been providing quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as software, channels, scripts and other tools available to businesses who wished to tap on their potential clients found in the community in Whatsapp.

So if you’re planning to buy Whatsapp Channels to pair up with your high quality Whatsapp Marketing Software, contact us immediately. You can be assured that we will only provide you high quality Whatsapp Channels that will last for longer periods so you can get connected with your prospect clients and existing clients better.

Now where to?

Now that you know the difference of protected whatsapp channels from unprotected whatsapp Channels and learned the things you need to check from a Whatsapp Marketing provider, let us now tackle on what you need to know about owning protected Bulk Whatsapp Channels.

We have been long enough in the business of Whatsapp Marketing to know that it is ideal to only send 9 marketing campaigns per Whatsapp Channels. This way, you get to monitor your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns easier. But you also have an option to send more if you so choose.

So if given you have 1000 channels in your system, you will be able to send 9000 messages per day to other Whatsapp users at whatever part of the world. This system will also enable you to prolong the life of your Bulk Whatsapp Channels.

In actual and as mentioned earlier, you have the option to send countless Whatsapp Campaign Messages using one Whatsapp Channel when you use any Whatsapp Marketing Software. It’s all dependent on your end how you will utilize our different Whatsapp Marketing tools in promoting the goods and services you offer in your business. However, we discourage you to practice SPAM messaging as Whatsapp is also strict. They will ban any Whatsapp number if you exceed their limitation. In effect, using any Whatsapp Marketing Solutions solely lies on the bearer of the Whatsapp channel himself. It depends on what you choose to do with your Whatsapp channel but if you want longevity of your Whatsapp senders, we suggest that you be smart about it.

If you are ready to buy WhatsApp Channels or Bulk WhatsApp Channels from our company, check our new list of prices.

Here is the list of prices:

  1. Basic Whats app Sender Channels: (or $0.70 / channel)

500 (24 – 48 hours) 0.50 USD

1000 (2 days) 0.40 USD

3000 (5 days) 0.35 USD

5000 (7 days) 0.30 USD

  1. Protected Whats app Sender Channels: (or $0.70 / channel)

500 (24 – 48 hours) 0.70 USD

1000 (2 days) 0.60 USD

3000 (5 days) 0.50 USD

5000 (7 days) 0.45 USD

**Premium Whats App sender Channels (or $2.5 per channel)

100 (less than 4 hours)

250 (24 hours)

500 (24 – 48 hours)

1000 (3 days)

3000 (5-10 days)

5000 (7 -10 days)

** Includes ID Number, Profile Pic, Name Added, Status Message added

Resetting your channels (Cost $100 / 1000)

Reviving your blocked senders (Cost $150/1000)

How to buy Whatsapp Channels or bulk Whatsapp Channels from us:

Kindly fill in the form provided below and we will be glad to accommodate and negotiate terms with you. You may contact us at skype: bulkwhatsappsender for more details. Other contact details are also provided at the bottom of this article.

Reminder/ Product Disclaimer: Usage discretion is advised. We don’t guarantee that our Whatsapp Channels won’t be block by Whatsapp in violation of anti-SPAM regulations.

Contact details:

Skype: wadominator

Email: [email protected]

          Call at +1 646 448 0344

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