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One time, I had this colleague approach me at the office and she had asked me if I can say that I am living my life exactly as I want it.

That got me thinking deeply.

Have you been confronted with existential questions such as above? If you do, how do you respond?

As for me, I can say that there are certain areas in my life that I had wanted to change. If only I had the opportunity, I would do things differently.

Such is true in my own career and business life as well. There are moments when I can say that I wished I have people mentor me so I don’t have to experience all those failures and missteps in my business.

This line of thought is what motivated me to come up with this website. As a Whatsapp Marketing expert, I’d like to offer my expertise which would help you achieve greater rate of profitability in your business.

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Whatsapp Marketing is the tool that paved way to my success. Since I started applying it in my business on early 2014, it had started to improve and my income started to multiply a thousand fold.

To understand how this happened, you need to learn the many aspects of Whatsapp Marketing so that you can utilize if for your own business.

Whatsapp Marketing in a business

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

Why is it important to apply Whatsapp Marketing in a business?

Could Whatsapp Marketing be the solution to your problems?

These questions and a lot more would be addressed as I go along your journey of understanding Whatsapp Marketing and how it could improve your business.

First and foremost, let us define Whatsapp Marketing.

WhatsApp marketing is the latest trend of mobile marketing that provides customers and prospect customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods and services of a company. Another definition of Whatsapp Marketing is; it is a professional and effective Whatsapp marketing platform to communicate with potential clients or a tool so businesses can create loyalty program to their existing clients.

As a Marketer, I have tried other Marketing techniques and strategies such as SMS Marketing and email marketing to promote my own products and services. But since the onset of smartphones, Whatsapp Marketing rose up in ranks as one of the most cost efficient platforms of marketing a business.

Why Whatsapp Marketing is important in a business:

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must have known that Whatsapp paved way to a lot of conveniences in terms of communicating with other people. As directly compared to SMS messaging, Whatsapp has a lot of advantages. Essentially, it is far more beneficial to use Whatsapp in communicating with friends, loved ones and many others because of the following reasons:

  • You can compose and send messages that are longer than 160 characters without added cost involved.
  • You can compose and send messages with text, audio, video, image and even VCard.
  • You can compose and send mass messages on Whatsapp to Users located at whichever part of the world without additional cost involved.

As compared to other messaging applications found on the Internet, Whatsapp is the most popular. In fact, it had reached around 900 million active users as of September 2015! It is ranked as the most downloaded app in the history of mobile messaging application in history.

If you are a merchant (business owner, manager, marketer or professional) who wants to connect to a wider audience and promote your company products and services, you have a multitude of prospects found in Whatsapp!

How to apply Whatsapp Marketing in a business:

In order to increase the profit rate of your business, you needed to convert your database of prospects into clients. How do we do that?

By tapping on them through sending effective Whatsapp Marketing campaigns! Whatsapp Marketing campaigns are Whatsapp bulk messages that you send to your database of prospects which aim to engage and encourage them to buy or avail your company products and services.

So how?

Do you remember my earlier dilemma? The one where I told you that sometimes I wished I had a mentor that had guided me in my business decisions? Yes; my life would have been better if such was the case. At the very least, I would know what to do and be spared from all the heartaches of applying other faulty marketing approaches.

But there’s no sense getting stuck in the past, right? So let’s move on…

As a Whatsapp Marketing expert that had already witnessed the incredible effects of applying Whatsapp Blast Service in any type of business, I had developed a desire to help other people with businesses like yours so that you too can be successful. As your mentor, I would be providing you valuable knowledge so you too can achieve your full potential as a merchant. Below are the things that I would be offering you with:

      1. WhatsApp Marketing Software
        This is a Whatsapp Marketing tool (eg.: Bulk Whatsapp Sender) that is used to send and receive new messages to a list of target market, identify contacts with Whatsapp and use them to run your campaigns. This software also allows you to edit your Whatsapp profile picture as well as Whatsapp status messages which were also referred to as Whatsapp channels.
      2. WhatsApp Channels
        These are pre-activated Whatsapp numbers that are used in order to send messages to other Whatsapp users. Whatsapp Channels, also known as Whatsapp senders also perform other WhatsApp automation activities like:

        • receive messages
        • check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process
        • Check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list and many others.

        These Whatsapp numbers are registered online through a Whatsapp registration tool like Whatsapp channel generators that generate a combination of phone number; Whatsapp generated code and security code.

      3. WhatsApp Marketing Best Practices
        This is the section where I would reveal to you the different secrets of how you could run a profitable Whatsapp Marketing campaigns. Employing various effective and time tested strategies, you will learn how to build and promote goodwill between you and your target market. This is where I would help or guide you on how you can encourage your target market to respond to your Whatsapp messages or Whatsapp Marketing campaigns which will help increase your income. I will enumerate the steps on how you can promote offers and deals that will generate hot leads for your company which of course would lead you to an increase in income. Also in this section, I will guide you on how you could maximize the use of your Whatsapp Blast Software.
      4. WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Comparison
        I will also enumerate the different Whatsapp marketing software that is available for use, their description and differences. You will also learn the differences between web-based software from desktop based marketing software. And lastly, I will reveal what Whatsapp marketing software is best for a particular business and so on and so forth.
      5. Other Tools & Resources
        I will also give you the recommended tools such as what particular Whatsapp marketing software is best suited for your business. You will also learn the various tools and other resources such as Data Extraction Software, Google+ Local Extractor, and How-To Tutorials of the various whatsapp marketing software that we offer.
      6. Training & Working Guide
        I will also provide you with various Whatsapp Marketing Books, E-books and Guides that will train you on how you can become a better Whatsapp Marketer that will help improve your business. These are additional tools that will also help you on how you could build a profitable marketing campaign using various Whatsapp Blast Softwares.

That’s about it!

Do you feel like it is such an overwhelming task to go through all of the above mentioned items? Do not worry. I will guide you through in every step of the way.

While it is important to get started right away and start big, I know from experience that success was not built overnight. This is why it is important to have knowledge on the facets of Whatsapp Marketing before you could maximize it for your business.

Are you ready to “test the waters”?

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