WhatsApp Panel & Bot for sending mass WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

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Whatsapp Panel & Bot is another one of our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that is slowly causing a stir amongst many merchants and the world of marketing itself. You know why? This Whatsapp Marketing Software is another high quality product that we have developed to help businesses connect with their targeted audience with the least amount of cost.

Over the past months, our team of Whatsapp Marketing experts has worked day in and day out to develop this Whatsapp Panel that will help facilitate sending of bulk Whatsapp messages to thousands of Whatsapp Users over the world.  If you’re still unsure about what Whatsapp Marketing Solution you’re going to adapt for your business, try this Whatsapp Marketing Panel or Whatsapp Bot and see the difference it makes!

This Bulk Whatsapp Panel has been developed and perfected over the months that our team of experts has worked on it. Now that it’s ready to be released on the market, we are excited to see how it would change the lives of our clients in their marketing efforts for their business.

About our products

Our Whatsapp Marketing solutions are continually undergoing improvements all because we want to optimize their features for the benefit of our clients. We owe it to you, our clients, to provide solution to your Whatsapp Marketing needs because being marketers ourselves we know and feel your pain as to how difficult it is to connect with your prospects. With our latest Whatsapp Marketing Panel, we don’t only address your Whatsapp Marketing needs but also provide you relief from having to deal with shady Whatsapp Marketing Providers who only have “making quick bucks” as their primary goal of business.

Our company’s viewpoint on Whatsapp Marketing

It wasn’t that we don’t have any trust in traditional marketing and Internet marketing such as posters, leaflets or even the ancient but effective email marketing. We just know that as a merchant that had been through a lot of experiences in using different kinds of marketing, we had already gained a sizeable knowledge about what type of marketing works and what doesn’t. Since the development of Whatsapp, we have already seen the potential of this now popular messaging application in terms communication amongst people.

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So going back, our company’s newest Whatsapp marketing panel or Bulk Whatsapp Panel: the Whatsapp Panel and Whatsapp Bot or Whatsapp Panel & Bot for short is now available for those who wished to utilize Whatsapp Marketing in their business.

To start off: let’s have a refresher. The two requirements before you can run an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign are Whatsapp Marketing software and Whatsapp Channels. These two components are Whatsapp Marketing solutions that are tools to connect to other Whatsapp users around the world.

Our latest addition to our company’s wide range of Whatsapp Marketing solutions is a type of Bulk Whatsapp Panel or a Bulk Message Sender Software for Whatsapp that our team of experts designed and developed for a period of months. This product was developed to address the call of merchants for their need of software that enabled them to send multitude of messages to other Whatsapp users for free.

Whatsapp Panel

Just as any of our other Whatsapp Marketing solutions, Whatsapp Panel & Bot is equipped with capabilities that can generate a lot of benefits for the users (to you!). To wit:

  1. With this Whatsapp Marketing Panel, you have the ability to load a list of unlimited amount of proxies.
    Are you tired of having your Whatsapp Channel banned? If so, you are one of the many merchants out there facing the same issue. But worry no more because with our newest Whatsapp Marketing Panel for Windows Desktop PC, you now have the option of using unlimited amount of proxies that you can use to send Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages or broadcast messages to your targeted audience.
    Remember the terms of Whatsapp regarding the limited number of usage? The 300 per day per account is no longer an insurmountable issue for you with the help of our amazing Whatsapp Marketing Solution that has a feature which addresses that issue.
  2. Whatsapp Panel & Bot allows you to add unlimited whatsapp sender ID’s or phone numbers along with easily generated valid password.
    Remember the two components of Whatsapp Marketing: Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels? In order to expedite a successful Whatsapp Marketing campaign, you need these two components. Through Whatsapp Panel & Bot, you have the unlimited capability of adding as many Whatsapp Channels/ Whatsapp Senders as you can that you can use to send Whatsapp messages to your prospect market.
    Now you don’t need to worry about sending very limited amount of broadcast messages or Marketing campaign messages to your prospects. You now have the ability to reach to as many Whatsapp users as you can at whatever part of the world!
  3. This Bulk Whatsapp Panel also enables you to add senders which are imported or harvested from TXT files. After which, these imported senders will be further filtered to determine how many numbers are using WhatsApp Messenger.
    If you have contact files listed in TXT, Whatsapp Panel & Bot has the capability of importing this list of numbers for your marketing use.
  4. This Whatsapp Bot will also enable you to filter the contact numbers through the scan application or operation. The result will yield only a list of contact numbers that are actual users of Whatsapp.
    From the list of contacts that you have in the system, Whatsapp Panel & Bot will be able to filter the ones that you can use for your marketing effort by simply picking out those contact numbers that are actual Whatsapp users. This way, you can save valuable time.
  5. The list of contact numbers that was generated by this Whatsapp marketing software will be your target list of Whatsapp users that you will send your Whatsapp marketing campaign to.
    You can do more of your time not wasting it with sending broadcast messages or Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages to contact numbers that are not even Whatsapp users.
  6. Through the use of this Whatsapp Marketing panel, you can compose and send Whatsapp messages with different format such as text, images, videos, GPS locations and even audio.
    Because Whatsapp enable users to send multiple platforms of messages to others without additional cost, you now have the opportunity to express your Marketing campaign as creatively as you can.
  7. This Bulk Whatsapp Panel also has the capability of enabling user to send Whatsapp marketing campaign messages in one go.
    Whatsapp Panel & Bot is equipped with feature where you can compose Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages and program them to be sent at specific time frame.

Product Features:

This product has a number of impressive features that are primarily designed to make your marketing effort a breeze. To name a few:

  1. Proxy feature
    You can send multitude number of messages to thousands of Whatsapp users and appear as if you are using different Whatsapp accounts. Whatsapp Panel and Bot has a Proxy feature option that enables you to use different IP addresses which also safeguards your system’s message delivery or Whatsapp Channels from getting banned.
  2. Scan and Export Whatsapp numbers from a large database of uncategorized numbers
    This software allows you to scan the different numbers in your database and filter out those numbers that are available for messaging.
  3. Test Campaign Capability
    Send messages to select Whatsapp numbers in your database and determine if they are active or not
  4. Multiple Campaign Management
    You can divide your messages into different campaigns and in effect, create multiple campaigns with various messages. Afterwards, you can schedule these messages to be sent to various Whatsapp numbers or prospects in one go.
  5. Real time status reporting
    You can easily monitor the success/ failure delivery rate of your marketing campaign through the real time status notification provided by Whatsapp Panel & Bot. In this feature you can immediately see whether your marketing campaign messages are delivered, pending or sent.
  6. Programmed Marketing Campaign for future sending
    You get to schedule when you send your campaigns in the future which also protect your account from getting further detected by Whatsapp; thereby safeguarding your account or Whatsapp Channels from getting banned.

Product Disclaimer:

This product is not meant for use as tool for SPAM messaging. We reserved the right to be absolved from any legal implications our product may be involved arising from our customer’s irresponsible actions.

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